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Knockerball Bump - The most popular game

Knockerball or Bubble Football is a type of soccer where players put on inflated torus that covers their upper-body and head. This recreational sports is played either indoors in a sports hall or outdoors on a grass turf. Players over 10 years allowed to play Knocker ball bump. This sport has become very popular and many people all over the world are involved in it.

The knockerball price depends on its brand. Knocker ball are not that cheap because of its big size and amazing design. Their prices range from $200 to $300. Extra charges may be added if you are shipping it to your country. However; there are some promotions going on that where the more balls you buy the more discount you get and thus you can get them at a cheaper price.Requirements needed while playing the game.

The sports was created by Henrik Elvestad and John Golden in Norway. The game reached the UK with the name zorb football through entrepreneur Lee Moseley. Though it was taken with mixed feelings at the beginning, it finally gain grounds after Moseley financed the idea on his own. It reached the United States of America by 2014 and they now have The National Association of Knocker ball.

When playing the game, the aim is to knock down your opponent and then send the ball to the net. When the referees blow the whistle, players run towards the center of the field to find and kick the ball. As they sweat, they have visibility problems since the bubble blurs your vision. This is the struggle part of the game.

The bubbles are made in such a way that the player’s hand are fixed inside it. This makes them to maintain balance only with their legs. The match consists of two teams with a maximum of five and minimum three players in the field. There must be at least a female in each team at all times when playing. Players can be substituted anytime during active play. The referee has to check all substituted players for things that can be of danger to other players. The incoming and outgoing player must cross the side-line simultaneously when going in and coming out respectively. Goal keepers are not available or allowed in a Knocker ball bump match. Instead, a crease area is found in front of the goal where players can pass through but cannot stay more than 3 seconds within.

Every knockerball game has its own rule and regulations and this includes the knocker ball game. The participants of the game should meet the following conditions before involving themselves in the game.


  • The participants should be of good health. People suffering from any cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure are advised not to engage in the game.
  • Pregnant women and epileptic people should not participate in this activity
  • Individuals with back and neck problems are advised not to involve themselves in this activity. People who have undergone surgery in the past few day should also keep of this game.